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Shane W. Roessiger

ABOUT THE FOUNDER Let me introduce myself to you. Actually, let me introduce the Shane after and before, my new born again experience. Everything started the day that I was baptized in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues: December, 25th 2003 I woke up endued with power! Prior a week…

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Marlene H. Roessiger

CHRISTIAN BUT NOT BORN AGAIN I've been a Christian for the past 30 years, but only at the end of those years of being " Christian," realized: I was not born again. This shocking realization is a big part of my testimony. From Sunday masses, to Evangelical meetings, to witchcrafts, white magic, "macumba",…

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Steve & Elaine Powers

From Steve, I was raised Catholic and always had a fear of the Lord. I served for several years as an altar boy. However, while in college, I became dissatisfied with the liturgy of the mass and felt that there had to be more to being a Christian. I wasn't even really sure about "this Jesus thing". As…

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Joe & Erin Pinto

From Joe Pinto, 23 years ago my mother with a humble heart, refined through trials and tribulation. With her heart, dedicated me to the Lord when I was Born. My childhood and teenage years i went to the Catholic Church. I had no real revelation of Jesus, no knowing of the word, and no knowledge of the…

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