Dreams and Visions

God’s voice comes in many different ways: the written Word, the still small voice within, dreams and visions, prophetic unction, etc. People who don’t have the fear of the Lord start despising them. God speaks through them but people are ignoring them. When you do that, you are quenching the Spirit within others. The Word said, “Do not quench the Holy Spirit” and “Don’t be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts.” When we quench the Spirit, we are shutting down direction, warning, and protection, and we become blind to the things in the dark that are being manifested by the light. God reveals secrets and hidden motives of people as well. It’s like knowing before it comes to pass. It’s amazing.

1 Thessalonians 5: 20 says, “Despise not prophesying.”

All these spiritual gifts are to profit all men. The gift of revelation operates through dreams and visions. The word of knowledge, that only comes from God. God will have those who can interpret them when God reveals things to some and others may not see it. Not everybody that gets dreams is a prophet, but every prophet (office) gets dreams. God may speak to you in the wilderness, one on one, but He will also speak to you through somebody else however He wants to.

When we only want to hear God by ourselves, we despise prophecy. A wise man will receive the instruction of wisdom through somebody else. The other name for the Holy Spirit is wisdom. A wise man will hear God however He speaks and will increase in learning and knowledge. Obtain counsel but wise counsel. If you know that there is a prophet among you and a Body full of gifts that is the place where you are supposed to get counsel from. If you hear it and receive it, you receive the rewards and the benefits of it, and you will increase in learning. The fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. If you don’t fear the Lord, you will not fear the unction from the Holy One.

Paul said, “Do not despise revelatory gifts. Do not despise prophesying.” Pride will say: “I will get counsel on my own.” Wisdom cries out all around you, and you walk right by it. The sad thing is that many will seek counsel from people they know who will tell them what they want to hear when Wisdom is sitting right next to you, but you despise it. This is one of the reasons why God told us not to forsake the assembling together because there is protection in the real Bride. Not dead assemblies of religion but Body ministry with gifts within all to profit all. He will pour out His Spirit upon you: the Spirit of the Lord and the Spirits of wisdom, of understanding, of counsel, of might, of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD. But rebellious people will be led by their own way. A lot of sheep have decided to hear Him one way. Some will look up and down in the Bible always searching but never finding the “now help.” God is alive. He uses all different ways to communicate with His beloved ones.

They that hate knowledge and do not choose the fear of the Lord are fools. To which counsel should we incline our ears? The full counsel of the Lord! In these perilous times, people are so in love with themselves. It is so hard for them to receive from others. If we keep ignoring and despising the gifts, God will shut the faucet off on you. I have seen it time and time again. That is a dry land. We need to search out a matter. We need to walk in the fear of the Lord and keep reasoning together, and through the fear of the Lord, search things out. Let deep cry out to His deep, and let wisdom herself guide us with discernment.

The Kingdom of God is Jesus. He ripped His flesh. He opened heavens. And now He is in us. He went up and sent down His gifts. Sons and daughters shall prophesy. Sons and daughters shall have dreams and visions. It is all Biblical. God’s dreams never die, never vanished, never are nonsense. Everybody is trying to listen with their own ears all the time, and sometimes you need to see things through someone’s spiritual ears. God says, “He who is spiritual receives the thing of the Spirit, but the carnal do not. Those that are spiritual test and judge all things by the Spirit.”

People in the World have more fear of the Lord concerning dreams than people in the church. The King, in Daniel 2, cared so much about what he dreamed that he decided to cut in pieces those people who could not interpret his dream. He ended up asking Daniel for help. Pharaoh, another king, needed Joseph to help him to interpret his dream as well. It does not matter your position in the Body. We all need each other’s gifts. Both of these men were relentless in their pursuit for understanding until they got it. The interpretation of it blessed two nations and saved the kingdoms.

If these, two worldly kings, were so concerned about their dreams, why do we, the Body of Christ, despise ours? Our gifts will make room for us, but if we despise them, we will miss the places where God wants to take us. The Spirit searches all things, the secret things of God. A lot of people think that dreams are foolish not knowing that some came from God. His sheep hear His voice and another voice they will not follow, even if it is their own voice. So people end up fearing the dreams and visions more than God and end up quenching the Spirit of God, trusting in man’s opinions above the Holy Spirit which is the Spirit of Wisdom.

This is a really serious matter. To despise prophecy is to despise God. All come from His Spirit. God’s government will be able to protect us from what comes from man or from darkness. But if you throw the baby away with the bath water, you throw away the opportunity to use the gift of discernment as well and then go all the way downhill. We test all things, and in this we are being led by the Spirit of God, not just by the letter.

What could have happened with Joseph if he had despised a God dream? The angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph, in a dream, telling him about the divine conception (Matthew 1). Another angel appeared to Joseph, in a dream, telling him to change his direction (Matthew 2).

Those who have ears to hear will hear what God is saying through dreams, through visions. The same way God uses His Word, He uses His dreams to edify, to correct, to rebuke. He knows exactly what He is doing it. And He will do whatever He wants to, when He wants to. If we stop harkening to His voice, He will stop talking. Do not quench the Spirit as many denominations have and now are dead. Do not despise prophecy and pray without ceasing. In doing so, you will tap into His divine protection and His ways.

Watch video: https://youtu.be/YqLwjNeI80c

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