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We must know that betrayal is unavoidable, but what is avoidable is you being a betrayer. Why God hates betrayal is that it is the most destructive and hurtful thing. It is straight at the heart. The scriptures are full of it. Jesus never betrayed anyone at any time. Neither should we. Loyalty is one of the biggest things in the Old and New Testament that God honors! David was even loyal to Saul even when He was not. Jesus was loyal to His disciples all the way to the cross, even when some of them were not. God says He sets a table in front of our enemies.

The thing with Jesus was that He walked with Judas over 3 years. He ate with him, spent numerous hours with Him, and loved Him literally to death. That’s what betrayal looks like: when everyone is around you and everything seems well, but the person you trusted, who you poured into, you opened yourself up to in some intimate ways sharing secrets of the heart, then to find out that they are using your openness against you. Betrayal is broken trust and deceit. In Peter’s case, it was denying Jesus. That was not as big a deal because when you deny someone, it’s usually out of fear. That is about not showing up for a fight or sticking up for your buddy when people are attacking. Betrayal is hidden deception, walking as if nothing is wrong when the whole time you are plotting your exit and no else knows your sneakiness, but God knows even our thoughts.

This is what betrayal does: It doesn’t stab you in the back. It stabs you right in the heart as it smiles at you and tells you how wonderful and amazing you are. It comes out of nowhere. If you are not heavy on discernment, it will wreck you and blindside you. The betrayer does not just hurt the one it betrays but the entire tribe, family, church, or workplace. When you are betrayed, it will put witchcraft out to the carnal because they think everything looks right on the outside and brings confusion to people, even making the victim look like the guilty one, making others around them think and wonder what they must have done to them to make them leave or walk out of marriages and covenant relationships while the whole time demonizing the real victim. This is what betrayal does. It’s anti-LOVE.

Satan likes to bring confusion. Confusion opens up for gossip and secondary offense or third party offenses. So the betrayer makes a mess that affects the entire family, breaking commitments. Husband betrays wife and everyone suffers from the kids all the way down to the dog or vice versa, a wife that cheats and runs off as well. This is why God hates it. That is why God said, “I hate divorce,” because it hurts everyone. You don’t need to be married to have a DIVIDE or divorce. You just need to be committed, that is to be in covenant relationship with another as the body of Christ or marriages or work commitments. God loves faithfulness in every area of our lives. It is a great character thermos.

But Jesus says every hidden thing will come to the light. When Jesus said to Judas, “You betray with a kiss,” what He was saying was, “Wow, you want to look good to the family that is breaking up.” That brought much confusion. Kisses are an act of affection. So more than ever Jesus says you honor with your lips but your heart is against me. This came down from literal lips. Jesus was like, “You’re turning me in to be killed, trying to look like a good guy to everyone around you. That is so, so selfish, Judas. For what? For 30 pieces of silver? Really?” Money was not the real reason. It was the icing on the cake. It was his rebellion to Jesus and word that brought him to be infiltrated by the devil. Really, that’s all I was worth to you? All the nights I stayed up with you praying? Fasting, praying for your family, trips to your loved ones because they were in need? All the long walks where I told you all about me? I gave you all my authority and power in my name. Then it’s an empty seat that never gets filled at the table, the dinner table, the conference table. With Judas, it was the table of the Lord. The emptiness of betrayal has a place in the heart that no one else can fill because you gave it freely.

Betrayal, the nastiest thing even in the world! Jesus warns us that we will be betrayed. Don’t be shocked. Just make sure you are not the one selling out. The first thing that happens when you are betrayed: Fear comes in. You feel it in the pit of your stomach. Then all of a sudden, there’s frustration, then despair, and then disappointment. Then you play things back in your mind over and over again wondering what was it? That’s witchcraft.

The crazy thing is you’re never prepared for betrayal. It’s like a shock. Then the enemy will play with your mind and make you feel responsible, but you’re still the victim because they are gone, and you are left picking up the pieces. Then you can’t gossip so you need to move in love. This is longsuffering, not only putting yourself back together but everyone else who has been affected. It is Anti-Love and denies the cross, not itself. People who betray people are full of themselves and overtaken by pride.

Father, I pray I never ever betray anyone. Father, give us clean hands and a pure heart. Let us see you in everyone and every situation. Let us always be part of the solution, the deliverance, and the righteous way. Keep us from evil. Bless all those who persecute us. Shane Roessiger


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