Words of Life

We don’t need more words that we claim are from God so that they can be just another idea in our brain....We need The Words of God that are literally Words from God!

Words that when they enter into our heart, they literally become a part of us and cannot be easily removed! 
To the point where The Word becomes flesh in us, and it becomes even more real than the bones in our bodies!
Even to the point where we no longer are looking over The Word of God or talking about it, IT’S LOOKING OVER US AND TALKING ABOUT US!

To the point where I’m no longer calling out The Word but The Word is calling me out! Drawing me out!
To the point where The Word becomes literally a living force in our life that drives us to fulfill the things of the Kingdom!
To the point where it literally governs us and dictates our mortal bodies and denies our flesh for us!
You want this? Oh, I know you do!
Where we’re not trying to recite the Word to ourselves in times of trouble; The Word shows up in our body and rebukes the enemy by itself! 
Where temptation and trials visit our door but The Word of God answers the door for us!
To the point where we don’t have to say I rebuke you to the enemy anymore; The Word rebukes the devil by itself!
Where we can actually say the Lord rebuke you as God moves in power, and we sit back and watch God take over our body!
This is The Words of Life you and I should cry out for, Words of LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Words that literally breathe something into me! Another force outside of my strength and ability!
Words that literally act as if another LIFE is living in me! 
As if another being is operating in me! Christ!!!! Himself!!!! 
Literally, playing as me as if I was a character in a video game and he has the controller!
Where His being Himself is in me, and I no longer have to try to conjure him up! Or try to be like him!
To the point where I’m already like Him, and I’m not just like him. He’s literally there IN ME, and I’m just the skin and bones!

The life of Christ living in and through my life! LITERALLY!!!  
Do we really know what that means?
We say Christ in me, Christ around me, Christ in front me, Christ behind me!!
Do you really know what you’re saying!?!?!
We’re talking about Jesus Christ!! Himself! HIMSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Literally being right there in the Flesh! 

To where our flesh becomes no different from the flesh that walked on earth 2000 years ago! 
I know we talk like that, but I’m talking about that literally becoming reality. 
Where we experience what it was like to walk as a disciple of Christ 2000 years ago but much, much deeper than that! I’m talking about His mind, His thoughts, His heart flowing through ours. 
Where every thought that He thinks, I think at the same time!
Tightly knitted together!! That tight!!! Tighter than any best friend!!!
To the point where faith is no longer talk anymore; it radiates power in your life!
What does it take to have this????????
The Word of God?

No!!!! Not just the scriptures!!!! But the scriptures with the Spirit on it!!!! 
All of our logos Words need to become Rhema Word in order to have THE WORD!
The Scriptures with understanding and revelation from heaven!
And whatever else The Spirit of LIFE is saying!
Without revelation and understanding from heaven, we can have the Bible, but it won’t be the Word of God to us if we don’t have the Spirit.

The Spirit reveals The Heart of the Word. 
Without The Heart of The Word, we will never know The Word.
If we don’t have God’s heart behind The Word, we will put our own deceitful heart behind The Word, and we will come up with our own Word and call it His Word.
When the Spirit reveals to you His understanding, His interpretation!
There’s something about when that happens, and I don’t have to try to remember what I know anymore. To where it’s natural and a part of me! A living organism inside you and me!
Where it’s rebuking the enemy on it’s own within you!

Where it opens your mouth because your body is controlled by the Spirit!
The fullness of the TRUTH of The Word of God is the segue for the Spirit of God to completely take over everything I do and say in this body!
God, I need your Word! I need your Words of Life!

I can’t hear another scripture if you’re not breathing on it! UNVEIL IT, FATHER,
The pure in heart shall see God! God is His Word, and when your heart is pure, you will not only read his Word...........


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